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Transform Your Tattoo Ideas into Living Art!

Experience the magic of AI artistry! Describe your dream tattoo, and let Ink With AI bring it to life. No signup, no credit card – just pure creativity. Start your unique journey now!

InkWithAI is developed by solo entrepreneur and cloud solutions architect Eray Alakese. If you have any questions, ideas, issues, refund requests, or other inquiries please use this contact form.

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1. Describe your tattoo idea

add --simple to the very end, and AI generator will try to generate simpler designs.
add --ar width:height to your description. default 1:1.learn about aspect ratios.

2. Choose Your Art Style

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I'm transitioning to a new AI model for Ink With AI since the original one is no longer available to me. I expect to complete the migration by April 17. During this time, generating new tattoo designs will be temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the hassle :/

Each design from our AI Tattoo Design Generator is unique and crafted just for you. Worth the wait!
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How It Works

  1. Creating your perfect tattoo is simple. Start by typing a description of the tattoo you've been dreaming of into the input box. Be as descriptive as possible — the more details you provide, the more personalized your design will be.

  2. Next, select your preferred art style from our gallery of options. From the classic lines of Sailor Jerry to the intricate details of geometric patterns, we have something for everyone. And don't worry if you can't choose just one — you can try as many styles as you like until you find the perfect fit for your vision.

  3. Once you've made your selection, hit "Generate" and watch as our AI tattoo design generator brings your description to life. The process should take less than a minute, and the result is a bespoke design that's worth the wait.

Frequently asked questions

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Is Ink With AI Free?

Ink With AI is free for the first two generations, with each generation producing four designs. Therefore, the first eight tattoo designs are free.

What is the correct tattoo size for my body parts?

The size of the tattoo depends on your taste (and pain threshold?), and we suggest you discuss it with your tattoo artist. However, the important thing is the aspect ratio of your design. Do you want a rectangular shape, square, or perhaps a circle? Check this guide to see our suggestions for body parts and learn how to set the aspect ratio in Ink With AI.

How can I describe my idea to Ink With AI?

For the best results, we suggest you describe the object/person/animal in singular form. You can also add details about the atmosphere, such as weather, background, time of day, etc. Check Ideas pages for more examples.

The designs look good, but is it really possible to have them as tattoos?

Complex designs are not always possible to transfer to your body as they are, due to skin conditions and color. Very small designs may also not be possible to transfer directly to your body since they won't look good. All these details should be discussed with your tattoo artist.

Don't hesitate to discuss the designs you generated with Ink With AI.

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5 credits

5 prompt = 20 tattoo designs  
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10 prompt = 40 tattoo designs 25% discount
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